Property Owner

Rental Management Services

IOhrli Jerusalem brings years of apartment rental experience to turn your property in Israel into a rewarding investment. We offer property owners a dependable, secure and a worry free way to rent out your apartment in a manner that meets your distinctive requirements.

We provide a range of services to meet your expectations and needs including:

  1. Search, find and screen tenants
  2. Sign lease agreement, collect all fees, security deposit collection and release
  3. Arrange cleaning of property before and after each rental
  4. Greet and meet tenant upon rental
  5. Provide 24 hour maintenance support to tenant during rental
  6. Perform thorough inspection of property post rental
  7. Facilitate with furnishing and equipping apartment in a cost effective manner and to the property owner's specifications
  8. Track apartment rental availability and rates

Ohrli Jerusalem's experience originated with the management of vacation and short term rentals including affiliation with House 57, Givat HaMivtar, Jerusalem. Over the years, through successful management and advertising, House 57 has enjoyed full occupancy rates during most of the year.

Ohr Li Jerusalem Apartments has been involved in many renovation projects across Jerusalem, working closely with the apartment owner and contractors. We make sure that all renovations are done properly and result in the apartment of your dreams.